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Defining Future Technology:

The Metaverse

The Metaverse isn't a game. It isn't even a world. It's a term that means a lot of things to a lot of people.

We think the Metaverse is a proxy term for an emerging wave of technology that includes virtual worlds, augmented reality, spatial computing, AI and blockchain.

We're partnering with Out of Scope to explore the meaning of the 'Metaverse'. We're using a one-of-a-kind approach to tracking story dynamics and market opportunities. We deliver these insights right to your email.


Simple & Useful

Our theory is that there are more 'human' types of data. And that if we can make that data useful and accessible, we can empower everyone. Here are the three steps to how we tackle a topic:


We use a unique analytic engine to map how audiences are aligned to the topic of the Metaverse, to identify emerging 'white space', and to codify market dynamics.


We provide nugget-sized insights into how markets, culture and stories are changing. We identify emerging stories and values that help to spot trends in the Metaverse before they happen.


Data often just sort of....sits there. You end up with lots of charts but it's a big leap from data to action. In partnership with Out of Scope we're creating an industry-wide conversation so that we can act and collaborate together.

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We provide clear, meaningful data. Actually, it's more than just data. It's insights FROM data. It's data you can really NOODLE over.

Oh! And we should mention: we won't use any data YOU provide for some sort of re-targeting thing. Your data won't be sold or shared. We don't even like cookies!

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