Tracking markets
through the stories we tell.

Shouldn't Insight Be Simple and Useful?

There's too much information. Too many newsletters to follow, too many opportunities to chase, too many mountains to climb.

Our theory is that there are more 'human' types of data. And that there are ways we can work together to make that data more useful. We think that this philosophy can empower everyone:

For Individuals

Track topics that will empower you and how you think about the future. Join a group of people who want to make a difference.


Whether you're a non-profit or a global team looking for a new way to collaborate, you'll have a new tool for turning insights into action.

Creators, Unite!

We're creating a global community that will help to reward taking actions that change the world. Creators play a key role in this community.

Ssshhh! The Secret Sauce Is Story.

We provide market insights by deriving unique values and markers of story. These are insights you can really NOODLE over.

In partnership with we use algorithms to create unique snapshots of how stories shape industry dynamics. The secret to their algorithms? They were built by storytellers.

The best way to see what we mean? Join our initial topic: the Metaverse. The only thing you need to do is receive an email:

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Tracking The Metaverse

The best way to get started is to join our existing Noodle & Sprout Hot Topic. It's as easy as receiving an email once a week. We promise that it will give you something to noodle on.

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